Internal Worlds, 2012

Approx. 10 '  h x 11' diameter, video, Arduino, custom programming, LEDs, Pulse Sensor, mixed media.

Internal Worlds is an installation of abstract video projection and interactive components that explores how our sensing bodies shape our perception, and our selves. The pulse of the participant is detected through a biosensor and externalized as lights pulsing in time with their internal rhythm inside a custom helmet. The sound of a human heartbeat is played back at the cadence of different species, as additional lights synchronize to this new, unfamiliar tempo. These competing pulses affect the participant’s state of mind and bring a hyperawareness to their body, as they viscerally experience the biorhythm of another species, and feel pulled toward these alien rhythms through the process of entrainment.

Architectures of Memory, 2011, With Helen Hyun-Kyung Park

Video projection mapping.

In research, we conducted interviews asking how memories looked, felt, and sounded. We chose to focus on the extremes of memory - happy memories, joyful memories, painful moments, memories you would never want to lose - with the idea that these polar extremes remain above all else when our memory deteriorates.

Using video to visually interpret our research, Architectures of Memory is a site-specific, thirty minute, three channel video installation exploring the many complexities and poetics of the construction of memory and its erosion within the human brain. Images and text were projected on the cliffside, rocks, and waves within the ocean inlet.

Single String, 2009

Duration 2 minutes 57 seconds.

Using 8mm family film to create a symmetrical corridor of kaleidoscopic imagery, the video is a trip inside a neuron of memory. The video was inspired by the idea of time seen as a single navigable string rather then sequential moments. The retro science fiction audio uses manipulated sounds of transit to illustrate the odyssey.

My California, 2006

Three channel video, duration 6 minutes 38 seconds.

The piece is a revisitation to my Grandmother's olive ranch in California, blurred, slowed, and juxtaposed as it exists in my memories. The tour of the home is an expression of a solitary walk through one's mental recollection of a place, through the physical manifestation of nostalgia and ancestry.

ruins, 2008

Duration 1 minute 7 seconds.

A frame of my 8mm family film, by chance, catches in the projector and begins to burn as it is being played. This fragment of time is digitally manipulated to loop back and forth, and the sound of the projector is slowed down to an echoing repetition. The resulting short loop recalls an otherworldly heartbeat and the deteriorating aesthetics of memory.

vanishing point 2008

Appropriated footage, duration 2 minutes 37 seconds.

By manipulating appropriated footage and soundtracks from several "road movies", the video examines the mythology and alluring hypnosis of the open road. Tumbling, unfolding forms are abstracted to create a constant motion without destination, lulling the viewer into a meditative type of thought.

and the place between, 2008

Excerpt of three channel video, full duration 33 minutes.

The perpetual forward motion of a walk in Berlin is split into three channels for an immersive installation. The sliver of reality in the middle channel is bookended with abstracted forms of the same footage.  These soft, extenuated forms create an atmosphere for contemplation.

Unfolding, 2010

Excerpt, video and digital photo, full duration 1 hour.

The video is a progression of still photographs taken from the same vantage point out the front of my car window while moving from New Jersey to California. The images are blurred to concentrate on the abstracted forms that are created through such movement, to create obscurity, and a soft visual tactility. The digital image is a layering of all the photographs used in the video component of the installation, shown simultaneously at an equal opacity. The entire distance is seen at once, and an unplanned abstraction emerges.

Passenger Seat, 2006

45 second excerpt, video and animation, full duration 1 hour 30 minutes.

A frame-by-frame animation over live footage which recreates the experience of a passenger's mind and imagination on a long car trip.

Voyage on Bike, 2006

Video and animation, duration 44 seconds.

A rotoscope-like animation that illustrates the hyperactive, transient mind of an ordinary bike traveler.

Outside of Time, 2006

Animation, duration 3 minutes 29 seconds.

A constant back and forth of build-up and breakdown is presented to the viewer through the repeated stop-motion sequence. The inundation of highly saturated colors, dense sound, and ambiguous textures is an abundance of detail presented at a rapid pace. It is both excitingly and frustratingly bottomless for the viewer, and examines the feeling and concept of intently chasing after the last detail. This is a lower resolution file, a higher res version is available in DVD format.

Rehearsal, 2006

Three channel video, duration 3 minutes 18 seconds.

The video takes the constructed reality of the stage and manipulates it into a secondary construction where the material objects and setting are transformed into an environment of light and color. The footage of a dancer's dress rehearsal is transformed into an atmospheric dream.

Learning Modern Dance From a Book (16 Times), 2006

35 second excerpt, full duration 6 minutes 51 seconds.

A performance for video piece in which a dancer attempts to teach herself basic modern dance moves from a tutorial book. The piece proposes the idea of learning as performance, instead of a well-polished dance as performance. The jump-cut, lyrical editing allows the dancer to transcend the original intention of each move.

Feral Farm Cats, 2013

Digital illustrations.

A series of digital illustrations of my interactions with the feral cats at my grandmother's farm, a study of their groupings and moments of domestication.